Within Teamwork, you can invite people to your site before adding them to your projects.

In the site-level People area, select the People tab.

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In the top right corner, you have options to invite or add users.

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Inviting users

The Invite Users options allows you to invite multiple people to your site at once.

After adding the names and email addresses, you can select the company and user type (standard user or collaborator) for the new users.

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Once you have added the user details, you can then choose which projects to grant them access to, and add a custom message to include in the invitation email.

Adding users

When you select the Add button, you can add an individual user or contact to your site.

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The Add User option allows you to create a user on your site and populate all of their details without necessarily sending them an invitation.

In the modal, you can add email, name, company, and user type via the Essentials tab. At the bottom, you can toggle on or off the  Send Invite option.

The other tabs in the modal allow you to add additional information about the user. You can use the Permissions tab to set the user's profile permissions.

Note: When using the Add User option, you will need to grant project access separately, via the user's profile.

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Adding contacts

The Add Contact option allows you to associate a person with a project and store their details for reference purposes. Contacts cannot log in or have tasks assigned to them.

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Note: Only site administrators and users with permission to manage people and companies can invite people to your site. If you have enabled the site-level option Project Administrators can create users, project administrators will be able to add users and contacts to your site via the corresponding project's People area.

For more information, see: Teamwork User License Types