✔  Available on Grow and Scale subscriptions 1

Within Teamwork.com, you can use the Schedule's Projects area to view and manage the allocations assigned to individual users over a project.

Click the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select the Planning option from the pop-out menu.

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In the Projects view, each project row displays its total budgeted hours along with the cumulative allocated time, which is the combined total of allocations across the project's members

Any related milestones will also be displayed on the date they are due.

Note: Client users and collaborators will not be displayed within in the Schedule.

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For each user listed under a project, the Allocated Time column will display the user's current allocated hours total across all of their projects as well as their overall total working hours. Both of these figures are representative of the time period being viewed.

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Days that have at least one allocation for the project will highlight the overall day roll up in blue. Hovering over the roll up will show a breakdown of allocated hours and logged hours for that day.

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Click the arrow to the left of a project to expand and view the individual allocations for each user on that project. Each individual allocation will show the allocation name and total number of hours.

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When multiple allocations are assigned to an individual user over the same time frame, each allocation will be added to a new line grouped with the user. 

If the user has logged time against the associated project (or task in the project) on the day of an allocation, you will also see a percentage progress bar in the allocation. As more time is logged, this percentage will increase.

Note: All time logged by a user on a project will display against all of their allocations.

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Hover over an individual allocation to view the full title, total hours, and date distribution. You will also see options to edit or delete the allocation in the top right.

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Drag and drop 

The timeline allows you to manage allocations via drag and drop.

To adjust the duration of an allocation, hover over the left or right side of the entry and drag it to a new position to increase or decrease the number of days on which it falls.

You can also click and drag allocations to a new timeframe for the current user or to another user's timeline.

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Allocation details 

Click an allocation to open the Allocation Details pane. This view will provide the allocation name, duration, allocated time, who the allocation is assigned to, and who assigned the allocation. 

Time entries shown are assigned to the specific user on the selected project within the time frame of the allocation. 

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You can use the date picker in the top left to adjust the date range you wish to view. Click Submit to apply the new range.

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The additional options in the top right allow you to:

  • Move between month, week, or day view
  • Toggle to full screen view
  • Add a new allocation or unavailable time to the schedule
  • Access advanced filters

The advanced filter options can be accessed via the filters button in the top right.

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These include:

  • Keyword
  • Custom fields (available on per-user Grow/Premium subscriptions and above)
  • Tags
  • Project owner
  • Project health
  • Company 
  • Category
  • Options
    • Show starred projects only
    • Hide projects where I'm an observer
    • Show only projects where I'm a member

For more information, see: Setting and Managing Unavailable Time

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.