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Within Teamwork.com, you can use the Schedule's People area to view and manage the allocations assigned to individual users.

Click the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select Planning from the pop-out menu.

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The People section shows a list of users on your site with a timeline view of any allocations created for each person for the selected period.

Allocations are grouped by associated user, and you will see the cumulative allocated time currently set across their projects.

Note: Client users and collaborators will not be displayed within in the Schedule.

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Beside each user, you will see a roll up of all of their allocations across their projects. Hovering over the roll up will show a breakdown of allocated hours, logged hours, and unavailable hours for that day.

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Click the arrow to the left of a user to view the individual projects their allocations are associated with.

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Drag and drop 

The schedule timeline allows you to manage allocations via drag and drop.

  • To adjust the duration of an allocation, hover over the left or right side of the entry and drag it to a new position to increase or decrease the number of days on which it falls.
  • To adjust which days an allocation falls on for the associated user, click and drag the entry to its new position. You can also use drag and drop to reassign an allocation to another user.

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Allocation details 

Click an allocation to open the Allocation Details pane. This view will display the allocation name, duration, allocated time, who the allocation is assigned to, and who assigned the allocation. 

All time entries and tasks shown are assigned to the specific user on the selected project within the time frame of the allocation. 

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From the Assigned Tasks section, you can customize the task property columns via the option menu (three dots) to the right of the columns row. 

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To view full details of an individual task, hover over the task and select the preview icon to the right of the task name. You can quickly update the task title by clicking the task text to open it in edit mode.

You can also edit task properties directly in this view by hovering and selecting the edit pencil.

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Select Add Task to create a new task. A task name is required and the task will automatically be assigned to the associated user.

If no task dates are selected, the default dates will start today and will be due on the last day of the allocation. 


You can use the date picker in the top left to adjust the date range you are viewing. Click Submit to apply the new range.

Additional options in the top right of the Schedule area allow you to:

  • Move between month, week, or day view
  • Toggle to full screen view
  • Add a new allocation or unavailable time to the schedule
  • Access advanced filters

Click the filers button in the top right to open the advanced filters pane. This allows you to filter your schedule view based on specific projects, teams, or companies.

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1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Enterprise.