Within Teamwork, you can use your pre-created task list templates to quickly add tasks to task lists in your projects.

People with permission to manage task templates can access existing task templates through the options menu in the List area or via the task list menu next to the task list name.

Creating a task list from a template

To create a new task list from a template, click the green Add Task List button to the top right of the project's List area.

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In the Add Task List modal, go to the Templates tab to select from your existing task list templates.

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Once you select a template from the templates dropdown, you will see the related tasks within that task list template. 

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You will then be able to set additional options for the tasks:

  • Select the start date:
    • The start date selected will affect the due dates of all the tasks in the list, tasks assigned 'day one' will be applied on the date selected as the start date.
  • Choose to skip weekends:
    • When skip weekends is applied, all Saturdays and Sundays are removed from the task duration count. This means that only working days (Monday to Friday) are included in calculating the start and end dates for the task.
  • Notify everyone by email:
    • This sends an email notification for the tasks to all the people they have been assigned to.

Adding tasks to an existing task list from a template

You can also add tasks from a template to an existing task list from within the List area of a project.

Hover over the task list and click the three dots to the right of the task list name. In the dropdown menu, over over the Templates option and select Add Tasks from Template.

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The templates available to the user are displayed in the templates dropdown, and you can add them in the same way as in a new task list.

Any custom field values set on the tasks in the task list template will automatically be applied to the new tasks in your task list.

Note: The template options at task list level are only available to people with permission to manage task templates.