Within Teamwork Projects, the Calendar is an area that lets you add and view events for your site, your company or your projects.

The calendar is accessible via the Calendar tab at the top of your site.

You will also have the option to view your milestones, and a preview of any tasks due on each particular day.

In the top left of the calendar, you can use the arrows to navigate between months. Alternatively, click the dropdown arrow to view the months.

You can add a new calendar event by clicking the Add Event button in the top right. The Options (three dots) button here gives you some export options, as well as editing of event types.

The advanced filters pane on the right hand side can be used to filter out what appears on your calendar by:

  • Keyword
  • Event type
  • Project
  • User
  • Show/hide tasks and milestones
In creating new events, you have 3 options:

  • Only people in my company - this allows you to share an event with just the people who are in your company
  • Members of a project can see this - this allows you to create an event and share it with members of a particular project - this makes the event linked to the project, so you can use the project filter in the calendar to view it specifically
  • This is just for me (hidden from other people) - this creates a private event and has the capability to show the time blocked out for you but hide the other details from anyone else
Other options available include an iCal feed that you can use to subscribe to your calendar to an external calendar (like Google Calendar or Outlook), adding reminders to events and creating specific event types for events.

For more information, see: Getting Started