Within Teamwork.com, you can create events in the site-level calendar.

To view the Calendar, select the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and choose Calendar from the pop-out menu. 

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You can add a new event using the Add event button in the top right of the Calendar area.

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You can also click any day area within the calendar view to open the Add Event modal, and the event date will be preset to the day you clicked.

Alternatively, events can be created using the quick add (+) menu in the top left of your site.

Note: Collaborators cannot access the calendar.

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In the Add Event modal, you will need to set an event name, date, and time.

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Event options

  • When
    • Choose the start and end times and date or set it as an all day event
    • Set it as a repeating event
  • Details 
    • Choose the event type
    • Make note of the event location
    • Set an event description - if you add a URL to this area, it will display as a clickable link.
  • Privacy - choose who can see the event in the calendar:
    • Only people in my company can see this - this allows you to share an event with just the people who are in your company.
    • Anyone viewing the calendar can see this - any user with permission to access the Calendar will see the event.
    • Members of a project can see this - limit visibility of the event to members of a particular project. When a project is set, you can use the project filter in the calendar to view events based on their associated project.
    • This is just for me (hidden from other people) - create a private event that shows the period as blocked out for you but with the event details hidden to other users.
  • People - select attendees for the event and choose whether to notify them or send reminders.
    • You can also allow attendees to edit the event by scrolling to the bottom of the People tab.
  • Reminders - add reminders to send to people via email or SMS.

Once you have the relevant event options set, click Add Event to save it to the calendar.

Quickly setting the event time

You can also set the time quickly by typing it into the Event Name area. You will see the time field update once you type a time.

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Managing existing events

You can also manage existing events by hovering over the relevant event. The pop-up will display the event's details as well as options to edit, copy, or delete the event.

Alternatively, click the event name to open the Edit Event modal.

Note: Attendees of an event can only manage the event if permission for attendees to edit has been turned on for the event.

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For more information, see: Associating a Calendar Event with a Project