Within Teamwork, you can create events in the site-level calendar.

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Adding an event

In the Calendar area, you can add a new event using the Add Event button in the top right of the screen.

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You can also click any day area within the calendar view to open the Add Event modal, and the event date will be preset to the day you clicked.

You will be prompted to add all of the details for the event.

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Event options

  • Choose the start and end times, or set it as an all day event
  • Set it up as a repeating event
  • Choose the event type
  • Note the location for the event, and add any other details (if you add a URL to this area, it will show up as a clickable link)
  • Choose who can see the event in the calendar
  • Select people to attend, notify, or choose if they should receive any reminders
  • Select whether people attending will be able to edit the event or not
  • Add reminders to send to people via email or SMS

Other ways to add an event

  • The quick add (+) button available in the top right of your main navigation bar in Teamwork - choose Event from the dropdown menu.

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Quickly setting the event time

You can also set the time quickly by typing it into the Event Name area. You will see the time field update once you type a time.

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Note: Collaborators do not have the ability to create events in the calendar.

For more information, see: Associating a Calendar Event with a Project