Within Teamwork.com, you can export the site-level calendar as an iCal feed to import to your Google Calendar.

📣 PSA! We've made something even better. Check out our My calendar feature (in early release) which includes a new Google Calendar integration.

To view the Calendar, click the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select Calendar.

In the Calendar section, click the options button (three dots) in the top right and select iCal feeds from the dropdown menu.

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In the iCal export links modal, you will see the iCal URL that can be copied, at the bottom.

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You will then need to log into your Google calendar via the Google Apps icon (a square of nine dots) in the top right of your Gmail account:

  • Depending on the version of Gmail that you are using, please follow one of the following;
    • (New version) Select the + alongside 'Add a colleague's calendar' 
    • (Older versions) In the left column click the dropdown beside Other Calendars
  • Select From URL or Add by URL 
  • Paste your copied Teamwork.com iCal Link into the text box and click Add Calendar

Note: This allows you to subscribe to your Teamwork.com calendar from your Google calendar, however you cannot edit events or other items from your Google calendar to update them in Teamwork.com.

Updating with new events or changes

The refresh rate for Google Calendar updating your iCal feed from your Teamwork.com calendar is controlled by Google.

Google Calendar caches your iCal feed by URL, so you can force it to refresh by adding something unique to the URL that doesn't affect the authenticated URL string we provide - for example, adding &x=2 to the end of your iCal feed will make Google Calendar think it is a new feed.

Note: Collaborators do not have the ability to generate iCal feeds.

For more information, see: Viewing Your Teamwork.com Calendar