Within Teamwork, you can set intake forms permissions for users on each of the projects where they are a member.

Note: Intake forms are available on per-user Pro/Deliver subscriptions and above.

To update a user's permissions, go to the People section of your project. Click the three dots to the right of the relevant user and select Edit project permissions from the dropdown menu.

Note: Only site administrators or project administrator on the project will be able to set these permissions.

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In the permissions modal, you will see an option to View Forms. Click the arrow to the left of the view permission to expand and access the additional Edit Forms permission.

Use the toggles on the right to enable or disable the permissions. When you enable the View Forms permission, the Add Forms permission will be enabled automatically. This can be disabled independently if you want a user to only have the view permission.

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View forms

User will have access to the Forms area of the project if the forms feature is enabled for the project.

  • Project admins and site admins will have this permission automatically.
  • Standard users and collaborators can be granted this permission.
    • Collaborators will only have access to a preview link to the published form.
Note: Client users cannot be granted permission to view forms on a project.

Add forms

Users with the add forms permission can create new forms on the project as well as edit the properties of existing forms.

Only standard users can be granted this permission. Project admins and site admins will have this permission automatically.

Note: Client users cannot be granted either permission relating to forms.

People with permission to add forms can:

  • Create new forms on the project
  • Edit the contents of existing forms
  • Publish and unpublish existing forms
  • Copy existing forms to the current or another project
  • Delete existing forms

For more information, see: Setting User Permissions on a Project