Within Teamwork, you can add a file attachments option to intake forms on your projects allowing the person submitting a form response to include files.

Note: Intake forms are available on per-user Pro/Deliver subscriptions and above.

Adding an attachments option to a form

When creating a form, it will be populated with name and email input fields by default. You can keep or remove these fields, as well as add additional options.

Note: Client users and collaborators cannot manage forms on a project.

Using the Questions menu to the left of the form editor, click the Attachments option to add it to the form.

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The Attachments question will not be available if the Files feature is turned off for the project and/or file uploads are turned off in the site settings.

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Once the Attachments field is added to the form editor, you can customize the options for the attachments field:

  • Label - give the attachments question a name.
  • Help text - optionally add a description.
  • Maximum number of files - allow people to upload a maximum of 1, 5 or 10 files.
  • Maximum file size - 1MB, 10MB, 100MB, 1GB.

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When you click the See more option, you will also be able to restrict the attachments option to only allow certain file types.

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You can use the Draft preview pane to view a draft of your form. Click Publish at the bottom of the form editor to save your changes.

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Uploading files

In the published form, the file attachments area will detail the file limits you have set.

When submitting a response, the person can click the Browse option or drag and drop files directly from their computer.

Note: The Add more option will only be displayed once at least one file has already been added to the form. It will not be displayed if the form has a limit of one file set.

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Viewing submitted files´╗┐

Once a response is submitted through your published form, a new task will be created in the designated task list on the project.

The task description will contain each of the form's fields and associated values inputted by the submitter.

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When files are included in a submission, they will automatically be saved as attachments of the associated task.

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The task created from a form submission, along with any files submitted through the form, will appear in your project as created or uploaded by a service account named "Teamwork Bot."

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For more information, see: Creating Intake Forms on Your Projects