Within Teamwork.com, you can choose which features are enabled for everyone on a project and the order in which they are displayed.

Note: Only project administrators and site administrators can customize project navigation and features.

To manage project features, go to the Settings tab of the relevant project.

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When viewing the settings, select the General subsection where you will see a section for Project Features.

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Using the toggles to the right of each feature, you can customize which ones should be enabled or disabled for the project.

If you disable one of the features listed under Top tabs, the next feature in the More section will automatically be moved up in its place.

Note: Once a feature is disabled in the project settings, it is removed for all users on the project and the tab for that feature will no longer be visible in the project's navigation menu.

Top tabs

The top tabs section allows you to prioritize any project features you want to be displayed as the main tabs that are always visible in your project's navigation menu.

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You can optionally use the More section of the navigation settings to add additional features to an expandable menu in the navigation bar.

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If you do not want to use the More option on a project, you can move all enabled features into the Top tabs section.

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Turned off

Once you turn off a project feature, it will automatically be moved to the Turned off subsection of the project features panel.

Note: Dashboard, Settings, and People tabs cannot be disabled for any project.

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Reordering tabs

You can customize your project's navigation further by reordering the individual tabs. Click and drag a feature to its new position in the list.

You can use drag and drop within each subsection (top tabs, more, turned off) or between the subsections.

Note: When you drag a feature to the Turned off subsection, the feature will automatically be turned off.

As you reorder the project features, the project's navigation menu will update.

Bulk updating project features across all projects

You can quickly apply the project feature settings on the current project to all other projects on your site.

Scroll to the bottom of the Project Features panel in the project's General settings and click the Apply to all projects option.

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Once selected, all existing projects will be updated to have the same enabled features, top tabs, and tab order.

Note: Project feature preferences can still be updated on an individual project basis after doing a bulk update.

For more information, see: Project Notification Settings