Within Teamwork.com, you can filter the projects that are displayed in the projects list view.

To view the projects list, select the Projects option from the main navigation menu.

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Click the filters button in the top right to open the filter options.

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A dropdown will open where you can apply a range of different filters to your projects list.

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Click any of the dropdown fields in this menu to apply specific tags, project owners, health, and companies.


Click the Tags option to open an additional dropdown where you can search and select one or multiple tags to apply.

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Using the Exclude Tags option, you can also select one or multiple tags whose projects you do not want to display.

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Project Owner

You can filter the projects in the list to ones with specific project owners.

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Project Health

You can choose to display projects in the list based on the health of the project(s).

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Filter the list to only include projects associated with certain companies.

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Custom Fields

Users on per-user Premium/Grow subscription plan and above will also have the ability to filter projects by custom fields

When you click the Custom Fields option in the filters menu, an additional pop-up will open. Using the first dropdown, you can toggle between any existing project custom fields on your site. Once a custom field is selected, you can set the match criteria and corresponding field value.

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The Add filter option at the bottom of the modal allows you to add additional custom field filters.

Click Apply filter to add your custom field selection to the currently applied filter.


Additional options to filter the projects list to:

  • Hide projects where I'm an observer
  • Show starred projects only
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Clearing filters

Click Clear all to remove all currently applied filter options in the projects list view.

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Saving filters

Use the Save Filter button to save the filtered view you are currently using.

Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

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You can also access your existing saved filters via the Saved filters button in the bottom left.

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The Saved filters view will list any existing saved filters for the view along with some suggested filter options.

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You can also access additional options for your custom saved filters by clicking the three dots to the right of the filter.

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These options include:

  • Edit details - update the filter name, description, and whether sorting is included.
  • Copy to clipboard - copy a link to the saved filter which you can then share with other users on your site.
  • Delete - delete the filter.

For more information, see: Projects List View