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Within Teamwork.com, you can filter projects by their associated custom fields allowing you to easily view the projects important to you. 

In order to filter by custom fields at project level, you must first have created custom fields for your projects.

Project level custom field filters are available from the all projects List view. Click the Projects option in the main navigation menu and go to the List subsection.

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Click the filters button in the top right of the List area to open the filters dropdown then select the Custom Fields option.

Note: The custom fields filter option will only be displayed if at least one project custom field exists on your site.

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An additional modal will open where you can choose a specific custom field and corresponding value to filter by.

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Depending on the custom field type chosen, the filter conditions will vary:

  • Text fields - contains, matches, starts with, ends with, doesn't contain. 
  • Whole number fields - equals, less than, greater than, within range. 
  • Dropdown field - equals, matches any of, matches none of. 
  • Date - choose one of the pre-defined timeframes or set a custom period.
  • Status - equals, matches any of, matches none of.

Select the relevant custom field from the dropdown on the left. You can then set the filter condition in the middle field, followed by the custom field values in the field on the right.

Click Apply filter to save your preferences to the filters pane.

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You can also use the Add filter option to include additional custom field filtering.

Custom field filters will be included when sharing and saving filters. 

For more information, see: Using Project Custom Fields

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Pro, Premium, Enterprise.