Within Teamwork Projects, you can set a project health status when adding a new project update.

In the project update modal, you will see an option to Set project health. There are 4 color options.

The selected color will be displayed alongside the project update in the Overview tab to allow you to quickly identify the health of the project.

You will also see the project health color on projects added to columns in your Portfolio boards.

In Portfolio, you can sort the cards in the columns by project health.

Customizing project health labels

Site administrators can customize the corresponding text labels for each of these health statuses in the site settings area.

Under general settings, you will see a Project health labels section.

Click the edit button to update the labels. Once you have made your changes, click the save button.

Note: The project health feature is only available on paid Teamwork Projects subscriptions.

For more information, see: Adding project updates