Within Teamwork Projects, you can create recurring events in the Calendar.

To do this, go to the Calendar area of your site:

From there, click 'Add Event' near the top right of the calendar area:

In the 'Add Event' modal, you can choose a repeat interval from the 'Repeats' dropdown, under the event time and date selection:

Event interval options

  • Daily
  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • On Selected Days.... (You choose)
  • Weekly
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks
  • Monthly
  • Every 2 months
  • Every 3 months
  • Every 4 months
  • Every 6 months
  • Yearly
If you set an event to repeat, you will then be able to choose whether the event should continue to repeat indefinitely, or until a specific date.

For more information, see: Creating an event in the calendar