Within Teamwork Projects, you can subscribe to your Projects calendar via iCal, and specify which items to include in the feed.

Go to the Calendar area at the top of your Projects site.

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In the top right corner of the Calendar area, click the options (three dots) button and select iCal feeds.

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In the iCal export modal, you can customize your iCal links to:

  • Only include calendar events you are attending
  • Include tasks
  • Only display tasks on the date they are due - when enabled, this shows the tasks only on their due date or disabled. They will span the time based on the start and due date.
  • Include milestones
  • Prepend labels "Milestone:" and "Task" - this will start the item description in your calendar with "Task:" or "Milestone:" so that you can differentiate them from events easily.
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Note: The refresh time for Teamwork calendar items to automatically appear in your iCal feed is 3-4 hours.

You can choose to generate the link for a calendar of only the events and items you are involved in, or for everyone on your site.