Within Teamwork, tasks are activities that need to be carried out by one or multiple project members.

You can assign a task to one person, multiple people, teams and companies, or leave it unassigned for anyone to complete. 

Tasks can have start dates and due dates, or be left without dates to be completed anytime.

Note: Tasks must be created within task lists on your project.

When adding a new task, give it a title in the What needs to be done field. You can also select who should do the task, as well as start and due dates.

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Additional task options include:

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Add a detailed description to the task.
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Attach files to the task via upload or select existing files on the project.
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Set privacy for the task.
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Choose a priority level for the task: low, medium or high.
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Progress & Time
Set a progress complete percentage and estimated time for the task.

Note: Setting the progress to 100% will complete the task.
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Add followers to the task to be notified of all notifications, only status changes or only comments added to the task.
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Create dependencies with other tasks so the current task either cannot start or cannot be completed before the other task is completed.

When a task has dependencies set the complete checkmark for the task will be replaced with a blocked icon.

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Set the task to repeat at a custom interval.

Note: A due date is required to be set on the task before a repeat can be set.
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You can set reminders to be sent at a specific date and time via email, SMS, or push notification. You can set the reminder for yourself or for other users.
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Apply tags to the task.
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Board column 
Add the task to a board column.

Note: This option will only be displayed if the project has at least one existing column.
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Custom fields
Apply one or multiple custom fields to the task.

Note: Custom fields are available on Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

Extra task options

Once a task is created, you can access quick edit options for many task properties when you hover over the task.

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Additional options available on hover include:

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Create one or multiple subtasks under the current task.
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Log time
Hovering over this option allows you to either manually log time or start a timer directly for that task.
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Quick set personal reminders for yourself using predefined options such as later today, tomorrow, or next week.
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View existing comments on the task and add new comments.
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Quick view
Open the task details in a quick view panel on the right of the page.
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Teamwork Desk ticket
View Desk tickets currently linked to the task or create a new ticket.

Note: The Teamwork Desk icon will only be displayed on tasks if Teamwork Desk has been enabled for your site.
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 Task options
Access additional task options such as delete, copy, move, or view history.

When certain properties such as dates, privacy, and priority are set on a task, they will be visible beside the task.

Task views

You can view tasks on your project in multiple different task views:

  • List
  • Table
  • Board - in board view, tasks are referred to as cards.
    • New tasks created directly in board columns will be added to a Cards task list by default. This can be changed to any existing active task list on your project. You can also select existing tasks from the tasks backlog and add them to a board column.
    • Subtasks are treated as individual tasks in board view and need to be added to columns independent of their parent task.
  • Gantt

Note: If you do not see a task view as an option in the project navigation menu, it will need to be enabled by a project admin or site admin via the project's settings.

For more information, see: Milestones