Within Teamwork Desk, you can customize the action to be taken when sending replies or creating new tickets.

Replying to a ticket

When replying to an existing tickets, you can access the actions by choosing the dropdown arrow to the right of the Send Message button below the ticket editor.

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Options include:

  • Send and back to folder - sends the message and brings you back to the associated inbox.
  • Send and stay on page - sends the message and remains on the current ticket.
  • Send and next active - sends the message and automatically opens the next active ticket in the inbox.

The undo send feature (available on Pro subscriptions and above) gives agents an additional option once they click the Send Message button on their reply in an existing ticket.

This alert will include an option to Undo and will be visible for the duration selected in the site settings.

If the agent selects the undo option, the reply will be canceled and an additional alert will appear confirming that the sending has been undone. When viewing the ticket thread, the canceled reply contents will be visible as a draft in the Reply field of the ticket.

Creating a ticket or message

When creating a new ticket, you can customize the action that should be taken once you press send or create by clicking the arrow to the right of the button.

  • Send and view ticket - go to the ticket you have just created.
  • Send and create another - create the ticket but stay on the new ticket form to create another.
    • The ticket properties selected for the previous ticket will be retained when the form reloads.
    • Note: Ticket properties are not remembered when adding tickets via the quick add menu.

For more information, see: Recalling Ticket Replies with Undo Send