Within Teamwork Desk you can search existing tickets for more information relating to the customers issue.

You can use the search option within Desk to do this.

Note: When searching, it will only search within four words of itself for a match. If no response is found in that space then no result will be shown. This is in place because with certain searches it could show all tickets in the results.

Search is located to the right of the Desk navigation bar.

You can search by ticket numbers by entering '#' followed by the ID in the search field. If you have an active ticket matching that ID then it should appear in the results.

  • Example: #142525 will find ticket 142525 (as long as you have access to it).
You can also search for tickets by inbox, assigned to specific agents, by tags or statuses is available by selecting the options on the right hand side of the search screen.

For more information see: Search Options