Within Teamwork Desk, you can create a ticket or message on behalf of a customer who may have contacted you via other other means such as phone or chat.

Ticket options

  • Create Ticket: Create a new ticket on behalf of the customer, without notifying the customer.
    • This creates a ticket as if it has been sent by the customer.
      📝 Agents enrolled in Training Wheels will not have the ticket held for review before being created.
  • Send Message: Send a message to the customer.
    • This creates a ticket where the initial message is from the agent to the customer.
    • The agent's signature is included in the initial message.
      📝 If the agent creating the ticket is enrolled in Training Wheels, the ticket can be held for review before being sent to the customer.

Create a new ticket or message

  1. Select Tickets from Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu.
  2. Select the relevant inbox from the left navigation panel.
  3. Click New ticket in the view's top right.

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  4. Select a ticket option: Create Ticket or Send Message.

  5. Select a recipient in the Customer field.
    1. Existing customer: Type the customer's name or email address in the Customer field.
      1. As you type, a list of matching customers automatically displays. Click a matching result to add them as the recipient.
    2. New customer: Type the recipient's email address in the Customer field.
      1. Select Add Customer to add the customer's details to your site directly from the add ticket form. Alternatively, click the email address once you have it typed out fully in the field.

  6. Set the ticket's properties:
    1. Subject: Ticket/message subject that will be shown in the inbox.
    2. Editor: You can enter the ticket details here.
    3. Inbox: Which inbox it will be created in. 
      1. When automatic time tracking is enabled for the selected inbox, a timer starts automatically in the new ticket form. 
      2. If the inbox you select has any alias addresses set up, you can toggle between these to choose the sent from address for the new ticket.

    4. Type: Which type of issue does the ticket pertain to? Ex. Problem, question, request, unspecified, custom.
    5. Source: Where the information for the ticket is being received from — docs, email, email (manual), phone, custom.
    6. Status: Set the ticket's status (ex. waiting on customer, active, on hold). This is applied once the ticket is created.
    7. Priority: Set a priority level for the ticket (none, low, medium, high).
    8. Assigned to: You can choose to assign this directly to one of your desk agents or leave it for anyone to pick up.
    9. Tags: Add a tag to help identify the ticket easier.
  7. Select Create Ticket or Send Message (depending on your new ticket form selection).
      1. Alternatively, click the arrow to the right of the button to customize what happens next:
        1. Send and view ticket - go to the ticket you have just created.
        2. Send and create another - create the ticket but stay on the new ticket form to create another.
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📝 During your trial period, there will be limits on the number of tickets that can be sent. Tickets and replies will also include a "Sent using Teamwork Desk" watermark in the signature. If you need assistance during your trial, please let us know at support@teamwork.com.

For more information, see: Tickets Overview