Within Teamwork Desk, you can view and manage all of your team's tickets in the main Tickets area.

Select the Tickets tab from Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu. The area's left navigation panel lists your ticket view options (Starred Inboxes, My Tickets, Training Wheels, Custom Views, and individual inboxes you have access to).
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When you select an individual inbox, its associated tickets are listed in the page's main view, grouped based on their current status.

  • New: Newly received tickets that haven’t been responded to yet.
  • Assigned: Tickets that have been assigned to other agents.
  • Waiting on customer: Tickets agents have replied to and are waiting on a customer response.
  • On-hold: You can place a ticket on hold in the event that you need to do something for a customer.
  • Solved: Tickets marked as solved, i.e. the customer's request has been addressed. You can enable happiness ratings to send satisfaction surveys to customers automatically when tickets are marked as solved.
  • Closed
  • Spam
  • Custom statuses

Custom views

Any custom ticket views you have created are grouped together under the Custom Views heading in the left navigation panel.

A count is displayed beside each custom view name. This is the number of tickets in the custom view based on the conditions you have set. 

Training Wheels

If Training Wheels is enabled for your site, and you are either a reviewer or in training, you will see a Training Wheels section at the top of the Tickets area's left navigation panel.

Here, you can access tickets that need review or have had changes requested (depending on your Training Wheels role).

For more information, see: Getting Started