Within Teamwork Desk, you can interact with and adjust the properties of tasks attached to your tickets.

To add a new task to a ticket, go to the Tasks tab on the ticket. Alternatively within a ticket you can use the short cut and press the letter t or select Add Task from the three dots dropdown menu. 

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You will first need to select which project and corresponding task list you would like to add the task to. Using the project and task list dropdown fields you can either select existing projects and task lists from your associated Teamwork.com account, or create new ones.

Once you have a project and task list selected, you can then either create a new task or select an existing task from the chosen task list.

You also have the option to paste the ID or URL of an existing task into the quick add field to link that task to the ticket.

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New task

When you are creating a brand new task, in addition to the task name, you will also be able to input all relevant task details such as assignee, description and priority, directly within the task form on the ticket.

You can create a task directly to the selected task list, or create it as a subtask of an existing task or subtask in the list.

To create the task as a subtask, click the Select Parent option to the right of the task name. In the select parent modal, you will be able to select from the existing tasks in the task lists. 

Any tasks that have existing subtasks will have a clickable link beside them for you to view and select the subtask as the parent for your new task.

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Who and when

You can use the Who should do this? text field to search users on the project you wish to assign the task to. Alternatively, you can leave it blank and it will be assigned to Anyone.

If you have assigned users, you can select the Notify by email option to send them a notification.

You can also select start and end dates for the task here.

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You can add a description of what work needs to be done and any other relevant details in the task description.

You also have some more options at the bottom of the description tab to include additional customer information with the task. Clicking one of the buttons will insert the corresponding information the end of the description.

  • Customer details - Add the customer's name, email, company, job title, and cell phone to the bottom of the task description.
  • Customer message - Include the customer's most recent reply in the task description.
  • Custom fields - Include any custom fields associated with the ticket in the task description.

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You can attach any relevant files to the task, in the Attachments tab.

  • Drag and drop files to the task
  • Add files - upload files from your computer to the task
  • Select from Ticket Attachments - include files that were attached to the ticket
    • Only for files attached to the ticket, and not ones directly inserted into a reply.

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You can also set privacy on the task, choosing which users in the selected project have access to it.

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Set a priority level for the task based on the urgency of the ticket or request.

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Estimated time

Set an hours and minutes duration of time you are estimating it will take to complete the task.

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Choose which project members you want to add as followers to the task.

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Select tags from your Teamwork.com site to add to the task.

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Board column

If the project you have selected to add the task to has board columns already created, you will also have the option to select one of these columns to associate with the task.

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Custom fields

You can also choose existing site-level or project-level task custom fields from your Teamwork.com site to associate with the task.

Note: Task custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow Teamwork.com subscriptions and above.

Click the custom field dropdown to view any existing task custom fields. You can also create a new custom field. 

Once you select a custom field for the task, an additional field will appear allowing you to select a corresponding value.

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For more information, see: Creating a Task on a Ticket