Within Teamwork Desk you can set an auto-reply to be sent when ever you receive a ticket from a customer.

You can enable this by clicking on your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and selecting Settings.

Note: The Desk settings area is only accessible to site users with administrator permissions.

Near the top of the page select the Inboxes area of settings.

Select the inbox you wish to enable auto response on and you will then See auto reply in the left pane.

You can then toggle the auto reply Status on or off.

Note: Teamwork Desk adds the following headers to all auto-reply messages:

"Auto-Submitted": "auto-replied", // RFC 3834
"Precedence": "auto_reply", // RFC 2076
"X-Auto-Response-Suppress": "All", // Microsoft

Additionally, auto-replies are only sent once to each customer within a 5 minute window.  This restriction is enforced to avoid loops with certain mail providers that fail to detect and specify auto-reply headers.

When you toggle the status to On, you can enter any information you would like to send to the customer:

  • Subject - This is what will appear in the subject line of your email.
  • Send emails from - You can choose to send emails from the inbox name or choose a user from the dropdown menu.
  • Message - This will be the body of the email you will be sending. You can include images, links etc in this which will be sent to the customer.
You can then preview what your outgoing auto reply email will look like or save it.

Note: Auto replies do not impact response times in reporting metrics

For more information see: Creating and using canned responses