Within Teamwork Desk, you can view insights which will give you a breakdown of your teams performance on tickets, the number of tickets and much more.

To access insights, go to the Home area of your site and select the Insights subsection.

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Selecting insights brings you to all the statistics for your account. Here, you will find totals for customers helped, tickets solved, total replies, average replies per ticket, average first response times, and average resolution time over a time frame that you can set on the top left.

The volume and average response time is an interactive, visual representation of the amount of tickets, replies, and first response time in a given time frame.

Clicking replies, tickets, and response time (at the top of the graph) will add or remove these from the on-screen display.

Hovering over any of the points within the graph will give extra details on that particular point.

To the bottom of the Insights section, you will find Tickets by Channel and Tickets by Top Agents. 

These sections display where your tickets have come from, such as email or from your docs and the amount of tickets responded to and solved by the agents on the account. Like the rest of the metrics dashboard, these figures come from the time frame you’ve selected.

For more information. see: Getting Started