Within Teamwork Desk you can create a ticket or message for a customer who may have contacted you via other other means such as phone or chat.

Creating a ticket for a customer is helpful for you to keep track of issues that may not originate from a ticket. It also helps the customer as they do not need to send the information again after providing it previously.

To create a new ticket, click on 'Tickets' from the left of the Desk navigation bar:

Select the inbox that you want to create the ticket in and you will then see a '+ New Ticket' option:

When you have selected this you will have the option to choose between creating a ticket or message for the customer:

Note: When you choose 'Send Message' a copy of the ticket will be sent to the customer, which is good to reassure your customer that their issue has been logged. If you choose 'Create Ticket' a copy will not be sent to the customer.

There are various fields to enter when creating the ticket or message as below:

You can find a breakdown of fields above below:

Customer email - Who the ticket/message is being created for.

Subject - Ticket/message subject that will be shown in the inbox.

Editor - You can enter the ticket details here.

Inbox - Which inbox it will be received in.

Type - What type of issue it is:

Source - Where the information for the ticket is being received from:

  • Docs 
  • Email
  • Email (manual)
  • Phone
Status - Set the status of the ticket here. This will apply when the ticket is created in the inbox.

Assigned to -  You can choose to assign this directly to one of your desk agents or leave it for anyone to pick up.

Tags - Add a tag to help identify the ticket easier

Once you enter the information and select 'Create Ticket' or 'Send Message'.