Within Teamwork Desk, you can create companies to group and manage your customers.

Note: Only site administrators can create, edit, and delete companies on your site.

Go to the People area of your site and select the Companies subsection.

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To create a new company, click the + Add company button. 

In the Add Company modal, you can add the details for the new company.

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Company options:

  • Company Name - add a name for the company (required).
  • Domains - add email domains to the company to automatically add those customers to the company.
    • Each company can have multiple domains applied.
    • Each domain can only be associated with one company.Domain example: teamwork.com
    • Domains can contain wildcards to account for subdomains.
      • Wildcard domain example: *.teamwork.com or *teamwork.com
    • All new and existing tickets from customers matching the inputted domain(s) will automatically be added to the company.
      • Note: When adding a new customer to your site, company domain matching will be overridden if you select a specific company in the Add Customer modal.
  • Customer Portal Permissions
    • Customers can view personal tickets only - when the customer logs into their portal account, they will only see their own personally submitted tickets.
    • Customers can view all tickets submitted for this company - if the customer portal is enabled, all customers in the company will be able to view all of the tickets submitted by all members.
      • Note: The company tickets permission option is available on Premium subscription plan and above.
  • Add more info
    • Email Address
    • Phone number
    • Industry
    • Address
    • Details - any notes added here will appear at the top of the company's Overview section.
    • Website
  • Avatar - add an image for the company.

For more information, see: People