Within Teamwork Desk, you can add new customers to your site at any time.

When a person emails one of your inboxes, they are automatically created as a customer. Each time an existing customer submits a ticket, the email is added to their customer history.

Select People from the main navigation menu. Switch to the Customers subsection, then click + Add customer in the view's top right.

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Fill out the customer's details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Send welcome email: Send a Customer Portal welcome email to the customer once created.
    📝 This option is only available when the Customer Portal is enabled for your site and Customer Portal notifications are turned on.
  • Add alternative email: Provide one or multiple alternative email addresses to associate with the customer. Any tickets received from the provided addresses will be associated with the customer's profile.
  • Phone number
  • Mobile
  • Company
    • Manually selecting a company via the Company dropdown overrides any domain matching and the customer is added to the manually selected company. If you want to use domain matching, leave the Company field blank.
      🔑 Only site administrators can add customers to companies on your site.
  • Add more info...
    • Social links
    • Address

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Site administrators have permission to add, edit, and manage companies. This includes adding customers to existing companies.

If the email domain of a customer's address matches a domain set for an existing company, the customer is automatically added to that company via domain matching. However, if you choose to manually select a company via the Company dropdown, any domain matching is overridden and the customer is added to the manually selected company. To use domain matching, leave the Company field blank.

Customer Portal permissions

When you manually select a company, an additional option is shown allowing you to set the customer's permissions for the Customer PortalThis controls which tickets the customer can access in the Customer Portal.

📝 When using domain matching to set the customer's company, you can adjust their Customer Portal permissions via their profile after creation.

For more information, see: Importing Customers via CSV