Within Teamwork Desk, you can add new customers to your site at any time.

In the People area of your site, go to the Customers subsection and click Add Customer in the top right corner.

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In the new customer modal, you can add details such as name, address, and company. 

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Customer options:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Send welcome email - send a Customer Portal welcome email to the customer once created.
    • Note: This option is only available when the Customer Portal is enabled for your site and Customer Portal notifications are turned on.
  • Phone number
  • Mobile
  • Company
    • Note: Only site administrators can add customers to companies on your site.

Add more info: 

  • Social links
  • Address


Site administrators have permission to add, edit, and manage companies. This includes adding customers to existing companies.

Note: Agents cannot add customers to a company.

Once you select a company in the Add Customer modal, an additional option will appear allowing you to set permissions for the customer in the Customer Portal.

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Note: When a person emails one of your inboxes, they will automatically be added to your customer list. If an existing customer address matches, the email will be added to their customer history instead.

For more information, see: Importing Customers via CSV