Within Teamwork Desk, you can manage your customers by adding them to different companies.

Note: The Companies feature is available on all subscription plans, however some aspects of the feature are gated to the Premium plan and above. See the full feature breakdown at the end of this article.

By using companies to group related customers, you can categorize and track tickets based on the company they're associated with.

You can view, create, and manage companies on your site via the Companies subsection of the main People area.

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When creating a company, you can set a company name and add more information such as email address, industry, and website. You can also apply one or multiple email domains to the company that will automatically add customers to the company based on their email domains.

For each company, you can also set a default permission option for customers viewing tickets via your Customer Portal.

Note: The ability to allow customers view company tickets is available on Premium subscription plans and above.

Converting organizations

The companies feature replaces the concept of the organization field associated with customers in Teamwork Desk.

For existing accounts on Starter and Pro subscriptions, you will be given an option to convert existing organizations to companies when you access the Companies subsection of the People area.

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You will be presented with a confirmation modal noting the implications of converting before proceeding.

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Note: After orgainzations have been converted to companies, access to the organization field will be removed from all customer profiles on your account.

Feature comparison

While the Companies feature is available on all subscription plans, certain aspects of the feature are only accessible on Premium plans and above.

Premium & Enterprise
Create companies
Company profile

  - Company overview

       - Company stats

       - Company happiness

  - Company details (notes)

  - Time

Domain matching

Customer portal permissions
  - Can view personal tickets

  - Can view all company tickets

Company CSV import

Company based triggers

Company filtering
  - In Search

  - In Reports

Account info. in tickets

Company preview

  - Company stats & happiness

Customize columns
  - Company column

Company reports 
  - Time > Most expensive companies

For more information, see: Viewing a Company's Profile