Note: This version of Teamwork Desk is no longer supported. 
Check out our help docs for the new version of Teamwork Desk here.

Within Teamwork Desk you can view the report section which is designed to give you an indication of the performance and volume of your tickets.

You can find reports in the Desk navigation bar to the top of the page.

There are a number of reporting areas to choose from.

  • Overview – A broad overview to give a snapshot of all items.
  • Activity - A view of all activity from people on your team.
  • Tickets – Gives an indication of the ticket activity, busiest times of the day, most expensive tickets, and more.
  • Team – An overview of the customers helped and the details per agent.
  • Time - Shows time logged per user.
  • Help Docs – See how effective your help docs are, view the top searches, and more.
  • Happiness – How your customers have rated you. See the happiness ratings and review them.
To the top right of the Reports section, you can choose to view reports for a specific period using the date range picker.

When you have selected a specific period to view, it will automatically compare to the direct period before this. This will give indications as to whether your numbers are up or down, based on the previous time frame. You can choose not to compare to another period if you wish.


To the right of the date range picker, you can filter the data in your report to specific agents, inboxes, tags, etc.

Selecting the filter funnel will open the filters pane on the right hand side, allowing you to filter by:

  • Inboxes
  • Tags
  • Agents
  • Companies
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Source
  • Type


Select the save icon to the right of the filter funnel to export a copy of your report.

This generates a CSV file with details on each ticket that is included in the current date range and filters.

The information in the export includes ticket ID, subject, and customer name.