Within Teamwork CRM, you can bulk edit deals, activities, people, and products on your site. 

Bulk editing is available when viewing these areas in list view.

To switch to list view, select the relevant tab from the main navigation bar at the top of your site and click the list view icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

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Using the checkboxes to the left of each item, you can select individual items to be updated. A number count will be displayed at the top of the list indicating the amount of items currently selected. 

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Alternatively, you can select all items in the list at once via the checkbox in the top left corner of the list.

When a filter is applied, only filtered items will be included when you choose to select all. 

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Note: In the event of a failed bulk edit, you will have the option to retry. If you choose to retry, the same filter options will be used. Any new items added in the meantime matching the applied filter will be included in the update. 

Once your have selected the relevant items, click the edit pencil icon at the top of the list. 

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A bulk edit side panel will open where you can select the property to update and choose a new value for that property. The properties available to update will depend on the item type you are updating. 

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Any custom fields set up for your deals, contacts, or companies will also be included in the property options. 

You can bulk edit multiple properties in the same update by selecting the + Add property option. 

Click Save to complete the bulk update. 

For more information, see: Working with the Leads Area