Within Teamwork CRM, you can view and manage all of the leads for your team across all of your lead pipelines.

In the Leads area of your site, you can choose which pipeline to view using the dropdown in the top left corner. You can switch between pipeline views at any time using this pipeline dropdown.

When viewing a pipeline, you will see the columns representing each stage. Any leads created in that pipeline will be displayed as cards in their associated column.

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Below the name of each pipeline stage, you will see a value representing the accumulative potential value of all leads in the stage, as well as a count of the leads.

At the top of the Leads area, you will see total value and lead counts for the entire pipeline.

Each lead is represented by a card that shows the owner's avatar, lead title, lead value, company name, activity and contact icon.

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A status icon will be shown on the right of the card. Clicking this will show the lead's incomplete activities.

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You can also click the magnifying glass icon to open a quick view of the lead.

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You have the option to switch between list view and board view, as well as filter the content you want to display.

Once a filter is active, the filter icon will display the filter name and become blue. To clear a filter, select the X to the right of the filter name. 

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In list view, you will be able to view all leads from all pipelines at once. In board view, you can only view one pipeline at a time.

You can add a new leads at any time using the green Add lead button in the top right of the leads area. You can also use the quick add menu in the main navigation bar or the icon on an individual lead card.

Sorting by column

You can also quickly sort by column in the Leads list view by clicking the column title. This will order the list alphabetically based on the selected column. Click the title again to reverse the order.

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For more information, see: Adding a Lead