Within Teamwork, you can track how long activities are taking to help manage your own time and plan work for your team.

You can log time to individual tasks, or to projects themselves, either manually or using the timer.

The quickest and easiest way to log time on a task is to click the time icon to show the Log Time modal.

When you hover over it, you will see an option to log time manually or start a timer. Any time already logged on the task will also be shown.

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Any time logged on a project can be viewed in the project's Time tab.

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From the time area of a project, you can:

  • View (and filter) time logged against the project or the tasks in it
  • Log time
  • Edit existing time entries
  • Start a timer
  • Move a time log to another project or task
  • Generate reports of time logged on the project
Time entries can then be added to invoices in the billing area of the project.


Instead of logging time manually when you are finished working on a particular task, you can start a timer directly in your browser to leave running while you work on the task.

The timer starts automatically, and you can pause it as needed.

You can have multiple active timers open, but only one can be running at a time. 

Once you are finished working on the task, you can click the Log button to log your time.

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For more information, see: Getting Started