Within Teamwork, the time tracking feature enables you to see how long individual pieces of work and projects are taking, helping you manage your own time and plan work for your team.

When tracking time, you can log the entry either to individual tasks on the project or to the project itself.

The ability to log time is tied to each user's project-level permissions on each individual project where they are a member. Time-related project permissions include the ability to view time, view other people's time, and log time.

Note: Collaborators cannot be granted permission to log time.

All time entries recorded on a project can be viewed via the project's Time area where you can sort the time logs by associated task, task list, date, or who logged the time.

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Options for logging time include:

  • Manually logging time - submit an entry for a specific date, time, and duration.
  • Timers - start a timer directly in your browser to leave running while you work on the task.
  • Log time via email - when responding to a notification relating specifically to a task, you can send [time] as part of the reply, for example [1h].
  • Desktop timer 
  • Chrome extension

Once time entries have been logged to a project, those entries can optionally be added to invoices in the Billing subsection of the project's Finance area.

For more information, see: Getting Started