Within Teamwork Projectsm you can edit any filters that you have saved.

Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

When you have a filter applied you can edit its details by hovering over the filter name in the right pane and clicking the three dots:

You will then have the option to change the name and add/update the description. Select 'Update Filter' to save changes.

You can also edit a filter by clicking on 'saved filters' to right of the filter right pane and then select the one you wish to edit:

This will then apply the filter to the project area. Now select 'Filters' to the right of 'Saved Filters' where you can then apply the changes you need to the filter.

Once the changes are complete you can select 'Update Filter' to the bottom right to save your changes:

If you wish to create a new filter based on the changes you have made, select the dropdown arrow and select 'Save as':

Selecting 'Save as' allows you to give the filter a new name and description.

You can also select whether the filter applies to only that project, and whether to include the currently active sort options to the saved filter.

When you select 'Add Filter' it will then be added to the list of saved filters in the right pane:

For more information see: Filtering