Within Teamwork Projects, you can view all the time logged on a particular project by going to that project's Time section.

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Here, you can view all time logged against both the project itself, and the tasks in it.

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You can sort the time logs by task, task list, who logged time, or date,

Using the advanced filters pane on the right hand side, you can specify which time logs you want to view. You can filter by:

  • User
  • Company
  • Tags - either time logs with these tags, or time on tasks using those tags
  • Billable / non billable
  • Invoices / non invoiced
  • Choose which columns you want to view relating to the time logs
In the Time area, you can also:

  • Log time
  • Edit existing time entries
  • Start a timer
  • Move a time log to another project or task
  • Generate reports of time logged on the project
Time entries can then be added to invoices in the billing area of the project.

For more information, see: Logging time in the time area of a project