Within Teamwork, you can mark time logs on your projects as billable.

Individual time logs

You can choose whether a time log is billable when you first log the time to your project by selecting the Billable checkbox in the upper right of the modal.

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While viewing a list of existing time logs, you can also mange which time entries are billable by clicking the checkbox in the Billable column. This will change to a tick, marking the time log as billable. Clicking the blue tick will revert it to a checkbox, marking the time entry as non-billable.

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You can also hover over the time log you wish to update and click the edit pencil to open the time log modal.

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You can then select the Billable checkbox in the top right of the modal before clicking Update.

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Multiple time logs 

You can bulk update multiple time logs on an individual project or across multiple projects on your site, marking them as billable time in one go.

Note: Bulk updating time logs is only available when a filter is applied in the Time area.

In a project's Time tab or the Time subsection of the Everything area, select the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Bulk Update Time Logs from the dropdown menu.

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The bulk update allows you to mark the selected time logs as:

  • Billable
  • Non-billable

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Once you have selected your preferred option, click Update Time Logs to save the changes.

Note: The bulk update will only apply to the time logs associated with the current filter.

For more information, see: Editing Time Logs in a Project