✔  Available on Deliver, Grow, and Scale subscriptions 1

Within Teamwork.com, you can filter the information displayed in each of the individual reports.

To access the Reports area, click the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select Reports from the pop-out menu.

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In the reports gallery, select the relevant report tile from the Teamwork.com Reports section.

Note: Project Health and Planned vs Actual reports are available on paid per-user subscriptions. Utilization reports are available on Premium/Grow plans and above. Profitability reports are available on the Scale plan.

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In the top right of the relevant report area, you can use the search field to locate specific items. The supported searchable items will vary between reports.

Source items

In the project health report, you can use the people toggles to switch between viewing your own or everyone's projects.

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In the planned vs actual task and milestone reports, you can use this toggle to switch between your own or everyone's milestones or tasks.


Using the duration dropdown, you can set a date range to view in the report. The options available will vary between reports.

  • Project health:
    • Last week, last month, last 3 months, custom range.
  • Utilization:
    • Week, month, last 3 months, quarter by week, quarter by month.
  • Planned versus actual tasks and milestones:
    • Last week, last month, quarter, custom range.
  • Profitability:
    • Week, month, quarter, custom.

Advanced filters

Clicking the filters option in the top right of each report will open an advanced filters dropdown allowing you to further refine your report.

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Project health report filters:
  • Owner, tags, categories, companies, projects (all, starred, late, completed).
Utilization report filters:
  • Teams, companies, projects
  • Include clients and collaborators
  • Teams, companies, projects, milestones (all, upcoming, late, completed)
Planned vs actual tasks report filters:
  • Teams, companies, task lists, projects, project categories, tasks (all, upcoming, late, completed)
Profitability report filters:
  • Projects, tags, owner, companies, categories
Time report filters:
  • Companies, projects
  • Include data from archived projects

To remove your current filter selections, click the Clear all option in the filter dropdown.

Saved filters

In each report, you can also use the Save Filter option to save the filtered view you are currently using. Once you give the filter a name, press Enter / Return on your keyboard to save the filter.

You can also access your existing saved filters via the Saved filters button in the bottom left of the filter options dropdown. Clicking a saved filter will apply it to the report.

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Pro, Premium, Enterprise.