Within Teamwork, you can quickly add a new project from any area of your site via the quick add menu.

The quick add menu (icon) is located in the top right of your site beside the search field. You can select the + and click the Project option, or use keyboard shortcuts by pressing q on your keyboard to bring up the menu, then press p

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In the Create a Project modal, you can start from scratch with a blank project. Click Next step to proceed to the Details, People, and Advanced Options steps of the setup.

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For sites with access to the project template feature, you can also create new projects directly from a template.

Note: Project templates are available on per-user Pro/Deliver (max 20 custom templates), per-user Premium/Grow (max 50 custom templates), and per-user Scale (unlimited custom templates). Each of these plans includes access to the Teamwork templates gallery.

In the Create a Project modal, click the Select a template option. You can then use the template dropdown to choose one of your existing project templates.

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For more information, see: Using the Quick Add Menu