Within Teamwork Projects, you can quickly add new items from anywhere in your site, by clicking the + button in the top right above the search bar.

Each of the items on the list can be created by clicking on the item on the menu or typing in the keyboard shortcut on the right of the feature name. For example, pressing t on your keyboard will open the quickly add tasks model.

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Features that appear in the quick add menu:

Add Shortcut (+):  Creating and using shortcuts

Depending on the user's permissions, some of the features in the list above will not appear.
  • A site administrator will have access to everything
  • A newly invited user will only have access to "Add Event" and "Add Shortcut" until they are added to projects
Note: The "Add Shortcut" feature is available on the Small Office plan and higher.  

For more information, see:  Setting user permissions on a project