Within Teamwork, you can create custom fields to record custom details for your projects.

Note: Custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans and above.

To create a new custom field, click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select Settings in the pop-out menu.

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In the settings area, go to the Custom Fields subsection where you can view and manage your project custom fields.

Note: Only site administrators or users with permission to manage custom fields can create and manage custom fields.

Go to the Projects subsection and click the Add button to add your first custom field. If you already have custom fields created, there will be an Add Custom Field button at the top of the Projects section.

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In the Add Custom Field modal, you can set a title and description for the custom field. 

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Using the Field type dropdown, you can select from the following:

  • Text
  • Whole number
  • Dropdown - must contain at least two options
  • Date
  • Status - create a set of custom statuses to be applied to projects to reflect their progress/phase.
  • URL - add a URL field where you can add a clickable custom link.
    • When a URL field is set for a project, the clickable link will be displayed in the project details sidebar on the left of the project's Dashboard area.
  • Checkbox

If you set dropdown or status as the type, you can also enter the associated options. Click Add Option at the bottom to add more entries to the dropdown list.

  • Each option can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon on the right.
  • You can reorder the options to adjust how they will appear in the list by clicking and dragging the move icon to the left of each field.

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Once you have filled out the details for the custom field, click Save Custom Field to add it to your site.

Note: You cannot create multiple project custom fields with the same type and name combination.

Existing custom fields on your site can be applied when creating new projects or editing existing ones.

For more information, see: Using Project Custom Fields