Within Teamwork Projects, you can grant project template permissions to individual users on your site. 

There are two separate permission options:

  • Access project templates
    • Users with this permission can create new projects from existing project templates, provided they also have permission to add projects.
  • Manage project templates
    • View and manage existing templates via the project templates area
    • Create new project templates
    • Create new projects from templates
    • Save existing projects as a template

Note: Only the site owner or site admins can grant access to these users.

Go to the People section of your site, and select the People subsection.

Select the user from the list, to open their profile. In the top left of the user's profile, select the Edit option.

In the edit details modal, go to the Permissions tab. Once you toggle on the access permission, the manage permission will appear.

You can allow a user to access project templates without giving them permission to manage them.

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Select Update in the bottom right, to save the changes to the user's permissions.

Note: Project templates are available on per-user Pro (max 20 templates), per-user Premium (max 50 templates), and per-user Enterprise (unlimited templates).

For more information, see: Creating Project Templates