Within Teamwork.com, you can upload new versions of existing files on your projects.

File versions can be managed via the Files area of the relevant project.

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For files that have been uploaded directly to your project, hover over the file in the list and click the cloud icon with the upward facing arrow.

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You can also click the options button and select Upload a New Version from the dropdown menu.

Note: For files linked from third party storage apps, this option will replace the linked file with a file located directly in Teamwork.com. Once a new version of the file has been uploaded, the file will be hosted directly on the project and the association with the file integration will be removed.

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The upload modal will open where you can browse your computer for the relevant file. You can also:

  • Notify project members of the new version of the file.
  • Update the file category.
  • Change the file privacy:
    • Note: This will affect all versions of the file.
  • Update the file description.
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Once you have uploaded a new version of a file, you will see the Versions button to the right of the file in the files list. When you click the versions button, you will see a list of any existing versions of the file.

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You can click the link to any of the previous versions to view, download, move or copy, delete, share or comment on it directly.

In the individual file details view, you will see the option to view previous versions of the file in the panel on the left.

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Note: Any comments made on a previous version of a file will be visible when viewing that version - they are not attached to the new version of the file, so that there's no confusion about which version your team member commented on at the time.

Previewing file versions

Versions can also be accessed via the file preview area for supported image and GIF files.

Hover over an existing image or GIF file and click the Preview button to open the file preview window.

If the file already has multiple versions uploaded, you can toggle between these versions in the top right of the preview window.

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For more information, see: Managing Linked Files