Within Teamwork.com, you can manage files linked to your projects via third party storage apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Linked files can be viewed and managed via the Files area of your project.

Replacing an existing file

You can update the version of a linked file on your project by replacing the existing version with a new one.

Hover over the file in the list and select the Replace file option from the dropdown menu.

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Click the Upload button in the pop-up modal to browse your computer for a replacement file.

Once you select a file from your computer, it will be uploaded automatically to your associated third-party storage account as a new version of the file.

When you select to view the linked file, you will be redirected to the most recent version.

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Uploading a new version

You can also use the Upload a New Version option when working with linked files.

Note: This option will replace the linked file with a file located directly in Teamwork.com. Once a new version of the file has been uploaded, the file will be hosted directly on the project and the association with the file integration will be removed.

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The upload modal will open where you can browse your computer for the relevant file. You can also adjust the notification, category, privacy, and description settings for the file.

Note: Changes in privacy will affect all versions of the file.

Once you have chosen a file, click the Upload New Version button in the bottom right.

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Once the new version of the file has been uploaded, the file will be displayed as a new version and will no longer show the integration icon beside the file.

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Hover over the file and click the Versions button to see a list of any existing versions of the file. The previous version which was directly linked from your file storage app will be displayed.

Click the link to the previous version to open a quick view of the file details where you will see an option to view the file directly on the associated file storage account.

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Note: Any comments made on a previous version of a file will be visible when viewing that version - they are not attached to the new version of the file, so that there's no confusion about which version your team member commented on at the time.

For more information, see: Uploading Files in the Files Area