Within Teamwork Projects you can set reminders on tasks so that when you set the task to repeat, the reminder also repeats.

Note: A reminder must be set on a task first, before the task is set to repeat.

Scheduling a reminder

Click on the options down arrow to the left of the task, and select Scheduled Reminders from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, hover over the task name, and click on the bell icon that will appear.

When hovering over the task, you can also press the R key on your keyboard to open up the reminder modal.

In the Add Reminder modal, you can choose a date and time, notification type (email, sms, mobile push), who to send it to, and a message.

Note: A reminder will only recur if you set the task it is on to recur.

Setting a task with a reminder to recur

On an existing task with a reminder set, click the edit pencil that appears to the left of the task name when you hover over the task. Alternatively, click the task name to open the task details view, and click Edit Task in the top right corner.

You will then have options to edit the existing task. To set the recurrence, go to the Repeats tab.

Note: You must set a due date on the task in order for it to recur.

Here, you can choose how often you want the task to repeat. Once you have selected a repeat, you will be able to:

  • Set it to have no end date
  • Choose a specific end date
  • Preview the future due dates for repeats
Once the repeat is saved on the task, the corresponding reminder set on the original task will be repeated with every new repeat.

When a recurring task has a due date set, you will have an additional option to set reminders based on the due date of the task. For example, you could set the reminder to be sent one week before the due date.

When you select the Relative to due date option, you can set the reminder to a specific number of days before/after the due date of the task.

For more information see: Adding task reminders