Within Teamwork.com, you can set reminders on tasks so that when you set the task to repeat, the reminder also repeats.

Note: Recurring reminders can only be set on tasks that are set to repeat.

Once the relevant task has a repeat sequence set, hover over the task to reveal the task options.

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Hover over the the reminder (bell) icon that appears to the right of the task name. From the reminders dropdown, click Custom Reminder.

You can also press the R key on your keyboard while hovering over the task to open the reminder modal.

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In the Add Reminder modal, you can choose a date and time, notification type (email, sms, mobile push), who to send it to, and a message.

When a recurring task has a due date set, you will have an additional option to set reminders based on the due date of the task. For example, you could set the reminder to be sent one day before the due date.

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When you select the Relative to due date option, you can set the reminder to a specific number of days before/after the due date of the task.

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Click Add This Reminder at the bottom of the Add Reminder modal to save your changes.

Note: If a task is not set to repeat, you will only be able to set reminders for specific dates and times.

For more information, see: Adding Task Reminders