Within Teamwork, you can view all the links across all of your projects in the site-level Everything area..

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The options for each link are:

  • Move or Copy
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Add Tag
  • Quick view
  • Add a comment

Sort options

The sort options allow you to choose the order in which the links are shown.

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  • Date: Selecting the date options sorts the links in the order that they were uploaded, there is the option here to choose between ascending or descending.
  • Name: Choose to sort the links by name, this changes the list to an alphabetical listing, there is the option here to choose between ascending or descending.
  • Project: Sorting by project groups the links by the project they are belonging to.
  • Category

Filter options

Choose to filter the links in the Everything section. Selecting the filter icon in the upper right allows you to find specific items.

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  • Keyword: entering text in the type your filter option allows you to return only the items that match the text you have entered.
  • Project: Choose to only display links for certain project(s) 
  • Person: Select the person option to return links created by that person.
  • Date: Filter by links added within a particular time frame.
  • Tag: Select the tag you wish to view, once the tag or tags are selected only the links that have those tags associated will be listed.
For more information, see: Everything Section - All Options