Within Teamwork.com, you can view existing notebooks that have been added to your projects.

This article relates to a Beta version of the Notebooks editor available for some Teamwork.com accounts.

In the Notebooks subsection of your project, you will see a table view of any notebooks you have permission to view.

Note: The ability to access notebooks on a project is dependent on your project permissions.

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Using the options button (three dots) to the right of each notebook with additional actions.

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Clicking a notebook title will open the notebook in view mode. At the bottom of the main content, you will see a total word count which you can click to view the word and character counts for the notebook, along with an estimated reading time.

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Depending on your permission level, you will see different additional options in the top right of the notebook area.

Editing a notebook

Clicking the Edit button will open the notebook in full screen editor mode where you can update the contents of the notebook.

Note: The ability to edit notebooks is only available to users with permission to edit notebooks on the project.

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Following a notebook

To add yourself as a follower of the notebook, click the eye icon in the top right while in view mode. From the dropdown menu, you can use the toggles to enable change or comment notifications.

You can also use the Mute notifications option to follow the item while not receiving direct notifications relating to it.


Using the notify dropdown, you can select specific project members to be notified going forward when you make changes to the notebook.

Note: The notify option is only available to users with permission to edit notebooks on the project.

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Click the lock icon to adjust the privacy settings for the notebook. By default, each notebook is visible to everyone on the project.

Note: The ability to set privacy is only available to users with permission to edit notebooks on the project.

Additional options

Click the options button (three dots) in the top right to access additional notebook settings.

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  • Print - save a copy of the notebook in PDF format.

The following options are only available to users with permission to add notebooks on the project.

  • Move or Copy Notebook - move or copy the notebook to another project.
  • Delete Notebook - delete the notebook from the project.
  • Post a Notebook via Email - view the email address used for creating notebooks via email.
  • Version History - view, compare, and restore previous versions of the notebook.
    • This option will only be displayed if a notebook has at least two existing versions.
  • Lock Notebook - lock the notebook so that it cannot be edited by other users while you work on it.

For more information, see: Creating a Notebook