Within Teamwork.com, you can create and manage multiple versions of notebooks on your projects.

This article relates to a new version of the Notebooks editor which is currently in an early release phase for some Teamwork.com accounts.

Note: Only project members with access to the notebook and permission to edit notebooks can create and manage versions.

Creating new versions of a notebook

Edits made to an existing notebook can be published as a new version or saved over the current version.

While viewing a notebook in edit mode, the publish button will be set to Publish as new version by default.

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Alternatively, you can click the options button (three dots) in the bottom right of the editor and select the This is just a little change checkbox. The publish button will then allow you to Update published version.

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Viewing versions

While viewing a notebook on your project, click the options button (three dots) in the top right and select Version History from the dropdown menu.

Note: This option will only be displayed on notebooks with at least two existing versions.

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The version history modal will open displaying the contents of the current version on the left. Using the versions list on the right, you can click a version to load its contents.

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Each version will detail the date and time it was published along with the name of the user that created that particular version.

Viewing changes between versions

At the top of the versions list, you can toggle the Show changes option to compare changes.

While viewing a previous version in the version history, any changes to the notebook compared with the current version will be highlighted.

  • The text in the selected version is being compared to the text in the Current Version.
  • Content highlighted green is text in the selected older version that the current version does not have.
    • If you restore this selected older version, any green highlighted content will be added.
  • Content highlighted red is  text the selected older version does not have that the current version does contain.
    • If you restore this selected older version, any red highlighted content will be removed.

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Restoring a version

To restore a version, select the version from the list to view it. You can then click the green Restore version button in the bottom right of the modal. 

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Before restoring the version, toggle on the Show Changes option to see which content will be included and excluded.

  • Once restored, content highlighted green will be added while content highlighted red will be removed.

For more information, see: Editing a Notebook (Beta)