Within Teamwork Projects you can mark any notebook that you create as containing sensitive content.

Marking a notebook as having sensitive content will stop the notebook information being included in related emails sent to users.

When creating a notebook, you can check the box to the bottom of the editor window before clicking Create Notebook.

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You can choose to enable or disable sensitive content on any notebook that has already been created by choosing the Edit Details option beneath the notebook title.

Note: The option to edit details will only appear when you hover your mouse over the title of the notebook.

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Once you have chosen the edit details option you will then see a pop up modal that includes the option to check or uncheck the option for sensitive content.

When you are editing a notebook that has been marked as containing sensitive content, this will be noted below the notify options at the end of the editor.

  • Any email notifications associated with the notebook will only include a link.
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For more information, see: Notebook editing