Within Teamwork Projects, you can save changes that you make to a notebook as a new version, so that you can view previous versions or compare them.

When you are editing the content of a notebook, by default you will see that the save button says 'Save as New Version'. This will create a new version of the notebook, with the updates.

Alternatively, you can select the 'This is just a little change' option. This will save the changes you have made to the existing version, without creating a new one.

When you have multiple versions of a notebook, you will see the version noted on the notebook icon:

You will also see the version mentioned under the name on the notebook details screen:

To view another version of the notebook, just click the one you want in the list under the 'Versions' button on the top right of the notebook details screen:

In the dropdown, you can select multiple versions and click the 'Compare' button to see a view of the notebook with the changes between the versions highlighted:

To delete a version, just select it and use the 'Delete' button in the versions dropdown.

Note: Unlike file versioning, the comments on notebooks are not shown specifically with the version that they were added to.

For more information, see: Editing a Notebook