✔  Available on Premium and Enterprise subscriptions

Within Teamwork Desk, you can adjust your notification preferences for tickets submitted through Training Wheels.

📝 This page references Teamwork Desk's new UI which is currently in early release for all accounts.

Click your profile icon in Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu and select View profile.

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In your profile area, go to the Notifications tab.
  • Depending on your inbox preference, you can set the same notifications for all inboxes or customize per inbox.
  • Each notification type can be enabled for email, mobile, or both.
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Scroll through the list of notification options to the Training Wheels should notify me when subsection.

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The Training Wheels notifications include alerts for:

  • Tickets submitted for review by agents while you are a reviewer/admin.

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  • Notifications when you are an agent whose tickets are being reviewed.
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📝 Site administrators cannot be enrolled in Training Wheels and can always review tickets.

For more information, see: Updating Your Notification Settings