Within Teamwork Desk, when viewing your inboxes you will see a section called My Tickets.

You can view your ticket section by either selecting Tickets from the navigation bar and choosing My Tickets from the left hand menu. 

You can also navigate to your tickets from the profile dropdown menu and selecting My Tickets

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This area holds all of your own tickets, broken down by ticket status.

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There are various default ticket statuses implemented in Desk. A section for each status will appear in your My Tickets area as long as you have tickets assigned to you using the status.

  • Active: Tickets that require action/response.
  • Waiting on customer: If you have an ongoing ticket and are expecting a reply from a customer after you respond, you can mark the ticket as Waiting on Customer.
  • On hold: This status is useful for when you don't have an immediate solution for the customer, or perhaps need to reach out to a colleague for further insight.
  • Solved: Once you are happy that the issue(s) in a ticket have been completely resolved, you can mark it as solved. 
  • Closed: You can use the Closed status for tickets that require no further action. Marking a ticket as closed does not trigger a happiness survey.
  • Spam: Teamwork Desk allows you to set a spam threshold. If a ticket receives a spam rating higher than your selected threshold, it will be marked as spam.
    • You can also manually apply the Spam status to tickets not caught by Desk that you consider to be spam. This helps Desk improve its own automatic spam filtering to treat similar messages correctly in the future.
  • Custom statuses: Any custom ticket statuses will appear as sections in your My Tickets area when you have tickets assigned to you using those statuses.

📝 In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, the status groups have moved to a secondary horizontal navigation for Starred Inboxes, My Tickets, Custom Views (aka smart inboxes), Individual inboxes, and Training Wheels.

For more information, see: Smart Inboxes