Within Teamwork CRM, a lead is considered to be any potential sale you have identified.

It is up to you to decide what is considered to be a lead for your company. As an example, a lead could be someone subscribing to your blog.

Each time a new lead is identified by a sales representative, it can be added to the Leads area of your site.

You can choose the stages a lead has to go through in order to be qualified, and the stages can be customized for each leads pipeline you create

For example, you may want leads for certain products to go through stages that aren't necessary for other products.

For each lead, you can create different activities to track your interactions with the point of contact, such as phone calls, demos or email correspondence. 

The point at which a lead is considered qualified as an opportunity is determined by your own sales process and the pipeline stages you have created.

  • For example, once a contact has opted in to receive communication from your company, has become educated about your product or service, and is interested in learning more, they are considered a qualified lead.
For more information, see: Adding a Lead